Our Services
Our Services

Our three-phase approach to overseas admissions has been designed to give students and parents the most holistic support throughout each stage of the process.

Phase 1: Nurturing to Adapt
  • 1. Assessment of student’s academic and non-academic performance
    A full evaluation of current academic performance, extra-curricular record, and personal aspirations.
  • 2. Academic consultation and planning
    Provision of a clear study plan for future academic path, including programme and course selections.
  • 3. Academic preparation
    Initiate your agreed programme of study with i-Learner Education Centres which may include our dedicated OES bridging courses covering a range of subjects.
Phase 2: Consulting and Preparation for Applications
  • 4. School recommendation and selection
    A tailored shortlist of schools and advisory services on selecting the right target schools for you.
  • 5. Application preparation
    Coordination of recommendation letters, and assistance in the provision of application materials and student visa applications.
  • 6. Admission exam and interview preparation
    Group skills training and one-to-one interview preparation, and a course of admission exam preparation.
Phase 3: Mentoring for Academic and All-round Excellence
  • 7. Pastoral care
    Provision of a dedicated contact for future queries related to the school placement, as well as advice on accommodation, tuition fees, and guardianship services.
  • 8. Mentorship
    Ongoing mentorship and academic tuition with i-Learner to ensure the best possible overseas learning experience.

Building a Strong Foundation

To ensure students can excel in their new schools abroad, we focus on building a strong foundation of knowledge to prepare students for the challenges of overseas curriculums. The hard work begins before application to establish a strong academic record, and this is where our renowned English language education programmes at i-Learner Education Centres will help. Our three-phase service includes a clear study plan and course recommendations to target and improve gaps in students’ knowledge.

Our partnerships with UK schools also provide the opportunity for a real-classroom learning experience. These intensive courses offer Hong Kong students the opportunity to try out what it is like to learn in a top UK primary school or secondary school.

One-to-one Consultancy

Our education consultants provide (including but not limited to):
  • Guidance on school applications
  • One-to-one essay coaching
  • One-to-one interview training
  • Intensive English-language coaching
  • Standardised test preparation.

In addition, our phased approach provides students with information and knowledge about studying abroad well in advance to ensure they are fully prepared when the time comes for enrollment.

Continued Mentoring

i-Learner’s goal is to develop the world’s next generation of leaders. For many years we have been assisting students throughout their academic careers and facilitating them to reach their full potential in an innovative and exciting way.

The moment students receive offers from their ideal schools marks just the beginning of their journey. It is part of our service to continue to support our students on their road to excellence.