About Us

i-Learner Overseas Education Services

i-Learner Overseas Education Services (i-Learner OES) specialises in assisting students at various stages, from primary school to post graduation, who plan to study at the finest institutions overseas (UK, US, Australia and New Zealand). We go beyond average educational consultancy and admissions support to provide holistic and sustained guidance to students and their parents.

i-Learner OES is part of the International Programme of i-Learner Education Centres and an arm of the Nebula Group Limited, which has been providing solutions within the field of education since 2004.

Our headquarters is located here in Hong Kong. However, i-Learner’s presence in the UK, US, Australia, Mainland China, Macau and elsewhere ensures our students receive the best local support and local knowledge available.

Our Aims

Our education consultants provide a bespoke service which caters to each student’s unique aspirations. We aim to:

  • Help them realise their educational goals through education planning
  • Prepare them for making well-informed decisions
  • Guide them through the entire application process for an institution that best fits their individual needs.