Applying to UK Schools from Overseas. The Student Perspective

Rory Alexander is an i-Learner teacher who’s got plenty of experience of applying to schools overseas. He had moved country with his family six times by the age of thirteen, so when he came back to the UK from Australia, he was well-attuned to the process of school application.

Are UK Schools the Best Path to Oxbridge?

Hong Kong ranks in the top 10 globally in maths, science and reading, with PISA scores above those of the UK, the USA and many other countries. However, only a small number of students earn places at Oxford and Cambridge. DSE requirements are 555 at Oxford and 555* at Cambridge for most subjects. In 2019, 3,291 candidates achieved 5 DSE subjects at grade 5 and above. Cambridge gives admissions data broken down by country, revealing that 537 Hong Kong candidates applied to go there that year. However, these students only had a success rate of 14.3%, with 77 students earning places.

Are UK Schools Welcoming to Overseas Students?

With the new regulations for BN(O) passport holders, many Hong Kong students are thinking about moving to the UK. This is a great opportunity to experience a different culture and access world-famous schools. But many parents worry about the effects of a big move, especially one a child makes alone when going to a boarding school. Feedback from students at a variety of UK schools helps i-Learner Overseas Education Services know which place is right for your child. We’ve shared some of their thoughts about overseas students below to help you make an informed decision on this exciting journey.

How Do I Choose the Right School for my Child?

Selecting a school from overseas is a difficult task. In the UK alone, there are 33,000 schools. Often, the number can be narrowed down by your requirements. For example, if you’re looking for a boarding school, there are only about 500 of these in the UK. After you’ve chosen from the different school types, there are still other aspects to think about. Take a look at our tips below to find the right school for your child, and feel free to contact our Overseas Education Services for help with your decision.

What are the Differences Between Independent Grammar and State Schools?

In the UK, there are three main categories of school: independent, grammar and state. However, you’ll see lots of other names being used besides these three, and it can be difficult to figure out what they all mean. This article demystifies the differences between UK schools, giving you key information and an inside look at each. i-Learner Overseas Education Services places Hong Kong students in a wide range of UK schools, and we’re always here to discuss your options.